The World Stands Up

Paramount Comedy Channel’s “The World Stands Up” featured two original songs. Here is “Please Don’t Be Beastly To The Burglars” (follow link and click PLAY CLIP)

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“Filth!” was produced for the 2006 and 2011 Edinburgh Festivals.
Here is our unashamed version of “Cold Outside”.

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The wonderful Ned Sherrin hosted Loose Ends when we were regulars on the programme from 2005-9. Here’s one of his last shows where he teases us in a merciless introduction to ‘I’d Like To Know The Reason Why My Bluetooth Doesn’t Work”.

After four Prague Fringe Festivals the director of national gay programme “Q” commissioned 36 short ‘one-take’ sketches introducing Czech people to English ‘gay/sexual’ risqué language to end each half hour episode. Here are three takes on “Cottaging”, “Rent Boy” and “Mission Impossible” filmed in Soho and on St Charles Bridge, Prague. Now, for the first time, Brits can learn the Czech for these phrases (watch the subtitles)..!

Clips from Edinburgh Tonight, one of the Festival’s chat shows with Joe Simmons (Butch) and Lorraine Chase from 2011.


With guest comedian Helen Lederer

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From the CD “A Lot To Take In” Topping’s solo as a newly single woman driving a four by four vehicle in London.

From the CD “Absolutely Fatuous”, the first half of the online dating potted musical.